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The House

Winter Snow 2009

Our Home

The Village

1st Anniversary

Winter Snow

Christmas 2008

JJ's room gets decorated

Finishing the paint job

Spring 2008



Simon: 55th Birthday

Dubliners Concert

54th Birthday

Cassel Bagpipe Festival

The Sanding Man

52nd Birthday

Painting Thérès's house

Pond filling

The drive at Avondance

Magnicourt paint job

51st Birthday

50th Birthday

Bungy Jump



Egypte: Le Nil 2006

Jean-Jacques: Armistice 2006

20th Birthday

Aquaclub with Stan

JJ's run at Fressin 2006

JJ's Mission de Cohesion

Air Show at Cambrai

Fishing at Roussent

London: June 2006

London: September 2005

JJ Goes to school: March 2006

JJ Antelope Chaser

Les Deux Caps



Vytautas: August 2010

Anthony: June 2010

Family: March 2010

Anton and Debs: August 2008

Anton and Debs: August 2006

Parents: August 2006

Meg and Holger: July 2006

Alistair: June 2005

Australian Bomber crew remembered



Jon's 60th Birthday

Quend Plage

Comicon Paris: July 2010

Victor's Communion: May 2010

The Chapels at Rue

Noyon and Laon

St Valery

The Ossuary at Marville

The citadelle at Montmédy

Ligescourt and the V1 Launch Sites

The Wasserwerk V1 Site at Siracourt

Estrées les Crécy 2009

2008 - Route du poisson

Saint Riquier

Cassel Bagpipe Festival

Amiens Zoo


Marquenterre Bird Sanctuary

Boulogne - Route du poisson

Quend Plage - Arbre et Aventure



Anton's Marathon 2007

Simon's Masters Graduation 2006

Trip to London: August 2006

Dicken's Festival: June 2006

Weekend in Chatham

Peter's Birthday

Farewell Rose: July 2005

Little Simon's Graduation



Canada: Niagara Falls 2007

Canada: Toronto 2007

Canada: Québec 2007

Egypt: The Nile 2006

Poland: Kraków 2006

Poland: Auschwitz 2006

Poland: Kraków 2005

Poland: Auschwitz 2005