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The winter market at Estrées les Crécy

13th December 2009

I enjoyed the winter market last year despite it being a miserable day. This year looked hopeful as I drove the few kilometres over the hill but by the time I had arrived the promised sunshine had done a bunk.

Never mind, it was reasonably bright, if cold, and by keeping the market to the afternoons meant that there was a goodly crowd in attendance.

The format was much as last year with many of the same vendors. One of the themed demonstrations was two guys knocking the bejabbers out of themselves with swords. It was a bit rough and tumble but the swords were making loud clanking sounds each time they struck. I noticed that the arbitrator made no attempt to intervene in mid blow.

There were a couple of fire eaters doing their thing as well. Obviously there is a technique to this but they seemed to be able to get an awful lot of fire belching all over the place for one mouthful of fuel.


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