Chasing Antelopes

I think this is what athletes call warming up Remarkably calm for JJ And they are off On his way to the rostrom I think my trainers are on fire !
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Jean-Jacques at Fressin

9 July 2005

It seemed like a good idea at the time !

Jean-Jacques has been making reasonable progress in his running and stamina training - despite still remaining addicted to the weed.

Rather than have him just running all the time I suggested that he do an 11 kilometre run at one of the village festivals. It would do him good and it would give him something to aim for.

They had a 5 and an 11 kilometre run, but we know that he can run the 11 so we settled on that.

We were a bit worried that the faster runners would be way ahead of him but it looked as though the groups would split into two groups; those that could run and those that were there just to amuse themselves and prove that they could do it.

We went over early to get him booked in with his number and then went for a walk around the old castle, which is interesting enough and certainly steeped in history. After that we watched the 5 kilometre race.

Well, the winner went round in about fifteen minutes and so many seconds but others straggled in at about the 25 and 30 minute point (still probably faster than I can manage) so we were happy enough that he wouldn't disgrace himself.

At this point we saw two young coloured lads coming across in running kit and I immediately said to JJ: there are your first and second place men. The chap who won it last year in a very good time wont have a chance.

They lined up, JJ looking relaxed, and off they went. They had to do two laps of the five point whatever it was course. All but to the second, at 3.5 minutes to the kilometre, the two coloured lads came haring past with ease, followed by last year's winner.

Then came the other club runners, and then the older people and still no sign of JJ. Sandra and Peter had joined me by now and I was starting to suspect the worst. Eventually JJ ran past - and pulled out.

He explained on the way home that he had hammered down the first leg of the race with the leaders (Suffering from white supremacy we think) only to find that he had just run 3 kilometres at least twice as fast he is normally capable of.

Well, perhaps a Smart will stick with a Lamborghini for a few kilometres but after that the engine blows up, and that is what happened to JJ - the legs went.

Oh well it is all experience and he is back out on the roads again and getting better all the time so fo the next race he will/may have the sense to chase the other fun runners and not potential winners.

This time the white bunny failed to keep up with the brown antelopes (who did indeed come first and second).


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