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A Code passed, a hedge cut

June 2004

Apart from the D-Day landings, the sixth also marked my first anniversary here in France. Where the time has gone I am not certain.

It is nice though to see that the sun is making more frequent appearances and that the temperatures continue to climb. The other day it was about 35 degrees down on the beach, and Sandra and Peter said it was in the forties in their garden. It's great I am no longer pale white.

After failing his Highway Code Exam a few weeks ago, Johnny had his re-sit on Thursday 10 June 2004 and I am glad to say that this time he passed it. I can't say that I noticed him actually doing any work in preparation, but somewhere he appears to have learnt his definitions.

He is now halfway through his course of instruction so we are only a matter of a few months away from him being out on the roads by himself. To celebrate his passing I offered to buy him a bottle of beer, and was good to my word

As my car is now a year old I have decided that it is time to take the plunge and buy a French version. I have been happy enough with the Picasso and have ordered a blue one this time with a slightly higher spec, but still with the GPS system. Delivery date should be sometime in June. Then it will be Johnny's turn to laugh at me as I spend weeks fumbling for the gear stick.

Johnny has spent the past three weekends over in Folkestone with his girlfriend: Rebecca. If he continues to make progress on the boat we might consider putting him on the Seacat at some stage. Then he will definitely know if he has sea legs or not!

Jean-Jacques has continued to give a hand round both in my garden and at Peter and Sandra's to the point where he is confident enough to trim hedges. Oh how he loves pushing the lawn mower. MInd you we are all not only learning new vocabulary we are also learning how to pronounce some of it!

Oh yes, and I finally bought my new car. Another Picasso, but a shiny blue and a better model than the last one. I've got Somme plates as well - none of yer Pas de Calais rubbish in this house!


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