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18 November 2006

Once he had received his money from his school Jean-Jacques had to decide what he was going to do with the windfall. In the end he decided that he wanted to go on a holiday and to go somewhere a bit different.

After a bit of thought he chose a cruise on the Nile. He had seen my photos, heard my stories and even the fact that I had been very ill after the last trip wasn't going to put him off. As he said: I am always searching for the toilets anyway, so nothing new there.

We booked on-line with and a week later we were heading to Arras to pick up the TGV to take us into Paris and Orly airport. Our flights were with Egypt Air on an Airbus 330 and were reasonably comfortable with a meal that was ok by airline standards.

The outward flight, however was early in the evening and with a five hour flight and a time difference of one hour our arrival at Luxor Airport was all but 0300 hours their time.

We were soon sought out by the local representative, given our stamps for the visas and whipped through all the controls. Once outside we met up with a our guide for the voyage: Mina.

There were only 18 of us in the group and we were going to have a boat built for 80 all to ourselves.

We were also going to be required to be up and ready at 1000 hours for a get together to allow Mina to explain our itinerary and sort out any extra excursions we might want to do. JJ and had already opted for most things but decided to add a camel ride and a long dander by donkey into the Valley of the Nobles.

Whilst our cabin was reasonably comfortable we were right up in the bow and the boat in front of us had its generators going all the time so I didn't get much sleep despite being very tired from the journey.

JJ was out cold within minutes of lying down, engine motors or no.

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