And the rain came down

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Debbie stays the same age

11 August 2006

It was Debbie's birthday on the 10th and they decided that rather Jean-Jacques and I heading straight over for a BBQ that they would come here.

In some respects it might have been a good choice because it has thrown it down for days.

Looking well in his uniform

Looking well in his uniform

First things first and we had to go and collect JJ from his barracks in Arras. He sounds as though he has had a really good time and is certainly starting to look the part.

We had been thinking of doing all sorts of things in the outdoors and in particular Aquaclub, but you would have been drier in the pool on some days.

Thus for the Saturday we decided to take a run up the coast and go to Nausicaa in Boulogne. I haven't been to this aquarium in a number of years and JJ was last there as a boy. In fact it was Anton and Debbie who had been there most recently.

They have a new display with a group of young penguins but I still think that it is the shark tank that is the most interesting. They may not be huge but they are still just big enough.

The sea-lions pool goes under the walkway which is made of glass so you can experience their speed as they swim right beneath your feet.

In the evening we went over to Avondance as neither Anton or Debbie had ever been to visit Sandra and Peter in their home. It seemed a bit sad that this would be their first and last visit as the house is sold and Peter and Sandra are heading to Magnicourt to live.

Sue and Richard were there with a friend who has recently bought in Auxi. He was interested to hear that he will have the Kings Night Club about a kilometre away. JJ will be able to go and visit.

Must be plotting something between the three of them

Must be plotting something between the three of them

The weekend passed but the rain and wind didn't. On the Monday we thought about driving over to the Bay of the Somme and JJ gave us directions as to where to park if we wanted to see the seals. He must have known something because he elected to go fishing instead.

We parked the car and got out. Follow the path to the right we had been told and so we did. Up until the hedges stopped and at that point Hurricane Bloody Nora near took the brolly out of my hands.

Deciding; stuff that for a game of marleys, we got back into the car and drove up the road to St Valery. This is where William set sail in 1066 on his way to conquer England.

It was the start of the French holiday season and all those poor souls who were getting drowned and with no sign of it letting up.

To recover from our ordeal we opted for a chocolate fondu on returning home. JJ the peasant appeared to have had hardly any rain at Roussent, but we let him join in anyway.


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