Johnny's 19th Birthday

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Just dropping by!

July 2004

Johnny's 19th Birthday present from me was a trip out to Normandy to the adventure park at the Viaduc de la Souleuvre.

It is twelve years since I was last there, and it rained that day as well.

Johnny had seen the video of me doing some of my bungy jumps and decided that he would like to give it a try, so unbeknown to him I booked us all in for a jump on his birthday weekend (3 July). Sunday morning, Johnny, Rebecca, Jean-Jacques and I set off west.

It's a good three and a bit hour drive out to Gustave Eiffel's Viaduct at La Souleuvre in Normandy, and thankfully by the time we arrived the rain had eased and we were to remain dry for most of the day

The park consists of three activities. A 61 metre bungy jump, a 400 metre Scable which whisks you across the park at 100 kph, and an adventure park which is a bit like an assault course, and not for the faint hearted.

I have jumped seven times with this company: A J Hackett, the pioneer from New Zealand, and am totally confident in his teams and the equipment. Ultimately though, 61 metres is a long way down, and throwing yourself off a bridge is not for everyone.

With this in mind we took a wander down so that the youngsters could take a good look. That done we climbed back up the hill to watch the Scable. If you have ever wanted to be just like superman this is a good way to try. You go in pairs or on your own. After being well strapped into your harness, a chance for men to experience being lifted and separated, you are well briefed on what to do. After that, a quick count down and two running steps before you leap off the platform and take to the air overflying the other visitors below.

As I was being strapped up with Johnny I did have a few doubts as to whether or not I was wise, but having done one we were both up to give it another go later in the afternoon.

After that came the real test as Johnny and I walked out the parapet onto the Bungy Jump platform.

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