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I thought you had to fish in the rain

June 2006

Jean-Jacques has been a bit of a fisherman for quite some time. Our neighbour Guy in his younger days was forever at the waters edge fishing for pike and sometimes JJ would have gone along with him.

It is a popular pastime in this area with a number of small fishing lakes along the river valleys. We have a small pond within walking distance of the house but JJ has never been certain that he has actually seen a fish in it !

Thus we drive some fifteen minutes up the road to the village of Roussent where there are three lakes and you can take your choice in fishing for smaller trout or larger carp.

On the strength of him having gained his basic Certificate of Education I bought him a new rod. Something that was big and strong enough to at least give him the chance of reeling in a larger fish.

If the results don't come through; the rod and the fish all go back !

The first efforts with the new rod and tackle were a bit fraught as neither he nor I had a great idea as to exactly what it was that he was supposed to be doing.

Most of the others still just use a line and float whereas JJ now has all the kit for fishing at depth. However we have now read the book and watched the DVD and are somewhat wiser.

All he has to do now is start catching things.

Whilst he spends his time relaxing at the weekends I get to continue painting the house. The office and my bedroom are now pretty much finished and looking good.

Whilst hot sunshine is really nice it is not the most comfortable of weather for using a steam wallpaper stripper. Besides if it was sunny I would never get the work finished.

I will also use the opportunity to get things put away and change some of the photos on the walls. Bring my life up to date as it were.


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