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Old enough to get a pay rise !

19 July 2009

My last couple of birthdays have been fairly quiet affairs but you can't let a 55th go past without making a bit of a fuss. Besides, after waiting all these years, my pension finally incremented itself. So, between that and the fact that I do not have an electricity bill in July I had enough money left aside to buy a heap of beans and fifteen plastic spoons.

Wait till the neighbours get wind of that.

Although the house is large I do not have a great deal of sleeping space so we decided that a move to Magnicourt this year would be a good idea. Lots of room and it would cut down on the drivers.

The planning then was for me to collect my nephew Simon from Arras at midday on the Saturday. He had just spent a few days with some friends in Paris and was arriving in on the TGV.

We then had a few hours to get in a bit of last minute shopping before heading to Magnicourt to load up the fridge and decide where to put the beers.

The family arrived early in the evening after getting stuck behind a flat cap driving at 30kph on their way down from the autoroute.

Anton had brought enough food to feed most of the contingent of the Indian Army that had paraded in Paris last week and needed a wee while to fit everything in the fridge. Thankfully we had well chilled Eskies for the beer.

Sandra had very kindly offered to provide the first night's meal and had prepared one of her Thai curries. Anton declared it excellent despite the fact that usually he cannot go near coconut milk.

He obviously went to a classier school than I did, I only got put off rice pudding and washing the car will always remind me of the leather on the custard.

We watched a slideshow I had put together taken from photos of the last five years. It had been a small hours in the morning job to get it more or less finished. It had taken me ages to try and remember how I put the Canada filum together a couple of years back.

Time for bed said Zebedee, so I headed back home whilst the family settled in for the night.

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