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No, we don't drown the host !

29 July 2006

Many years ago when Russians were still called Soviets, the Rouble was still worth a Pound and hair wasn't bleached by the sun I was on a tour of the old Soviet Union. Amongst my group were some crazy Australians, an all American boy, two Mexicans who liked to wind him up and Meg and Tom.

I thought that Meg and Tom might have been newly weds, but having heard how she slagged him off mercilessly I realised that they were in fact brother and sister.

We toured around Moscow and Minsk and Volgograd and managed to stay in touch afterwards.

A few years later Tom got married and we never heard from him again, his writing hand seems to have lost all power of movement !

Meg finished university married a fellow student called Holger and settled with him in Germany. Time past, her family grew and we remained in touch.

I then received a letter saying that whilst en route for England they would be on the French coast for a week and we could meet up. It would give me a chance to meet Holger and the boys.

I spent an evening with them at their chalet at Wimereux (Easily found because it isn't far from the cemetery !) and we talked old times and played football in English, German and French.

On the Saturday afternoon they took up my offer and drove the hour down the autoroute to come and visit the house.

It is odd to have people say that they recognise the house and things I have done from the Internet photos.

We played a bit of football in the garden and drowned each other with water pistols. In theory guests are supposed to be reasonably respectful of their hosts, but this was not high on the priorities of one young man who took great delight in soaking me to the skin and then asking me to refill his pistol for him.

JJ showed Meg and Holger some of our photos and I dug out some old photos of us in the USSR. It was a little hard for us to realise that the holiday was more than twenty years ago. Before the PC and before e mail. Holger had to explain to the boys how special dinosaurs used to deliver things called letters way back then in the dark times.

The pizza produced for the lads was not a great success as it made their stomaches hurt so much they hardly had room for ice cream afterwards. Meg thinks they will change as they get older, JJ is proof that they might not !

Holger took the chance to try a few Belgian beers and I allowed him to take away one of my Westvleteren 12s a beer that is very hard to come by and should make his friends jealous when he shows them the capsule - I don't think he had any intention of sharing it.

The evening came to a close and they set off back to the coast for the early morning departure for England.

JJ got himself packed and ready for his Reserve Training on the Monday morning.


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