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So, to put his head under water ! Still not succeeding A bigger splash JJ is actually the better swimmer Stan holds his nose Sur le pont
Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture The old blue walls in the bureau Strpped down to the plasterboard Two shades of green The poppy in place How I hate this wallpaper My bedroom in terracotta This glue just doesn't want to come off Grey and miserable The fireplace gets painted peach, the walls apricot All finished

Eh! Mon Blanc

9 July 2006

Following on from their fortnight of fun and games at school - supposedly team building - JJ invited his mate Stan over for the weekend so that they could participate in the 5km run at Fressin on the Saturday.

The Sunday turned out a bit of a mixed bag weather wise but we took the chance to go over to our local water park at Quend. As we got into the car it started to pour with rain but it did at least look brighter out at the coast. Besides you are going to get wet in the water anyway.

Stan can obviously swim but he wasn't overly confident out of his depth and we joked about the blow up crocodiles putting him off.

The sun came out but the wind stayed ever present, so whilst a few intrepid souls ran around outside, the staff were well wrapped up against the chill.


Whilst he is having fun

Back at the house over the past few weeks I have been hard at work repainting rooms.

It had started with Jean-Jacques's room and I decided to continue whilst the spirit was still willing.

It took me a week to get the office sorted followed by another week to paint my own room. Paint in France is at least twice the price of that in the UK, so I had taken the opportunity whilst over at Anton and Debbie's to pick up all the paint and thus save a tidy sum.

A year ago my friend Alistair had bought me a large poppy decal for the wall of the bureau and JJ put that into place. It looks really well.

JJ went off to his fortnights activities and it was time to take on the largest room in the house.

I had not been looking forward to the Salon at all. Moving all the furniture, all the wiring for the Cinema System - nightmare. However nothing had prepared me for trying to get the wallpaper off the back wall.

Five hours with a steamer and there were still traces of glue all over the place. I could see it taking me forever, but as things turned out the other three walls posed no more of a problem than the bedrooms had.

The old Soviet Airport lighting came down and was replaced with some small spotlights. Many of the wee ornaments have stayed in boxes and almost all of the photos have been changed to bring life a little more up to date.

The apricot and peach of the salon have certainly added a touch of warmth to what used to be a pretty grey room. Overall I am fairly pleased with my efforts.


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