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Living on the Somme

2003 -

I moved into the house in June 2003 having bought it through a British Agency working alongside local French Agents. The entire sale was fairly straightforward and I would happily recommend my British Agents: Hexagone France to anyone.

Fortunately for me the house was more than habitable and although there are still things I need to do to it, there are no major renovations to be carried out.

Most of my old furniture was brought over from Ulster and things have been placed here, there and everywhere. I bought most of the old furniture that had been in the house which had helped me get up and running and some of it has been more than worth keeping alongside my own. Photos have gone up on the on the wall and if I just got around to changing the paper some time it would definitely be 100% all mine.

An enormous difference was made when I finally got a fitted kitchen in March 2004.

I have managed to give the contents of my third bedroom to my neighbour Jean-Jacques so that he can have his own room in his house. This act has managed to free up the room to allow me to put in a proper office - and now with space for our large cage for our 4 rats.

The greatest change for me has been the fact that my neighbour Johnny has moved in with me. Just as I thought that I had the room reasonable it has been gutted and space made available for a collection of heavy metal discs, model cars, cult videos and posters befitting an 18 year old ado.

In all fairness I would have to say that he keeps the room very tidy and is much more helpful about the house than I ever was at 18.

At the beginning of February Johnny decided that he would like a pet rat. Nestor was duly purchased and not long afterwards we decided to get him some company, so Connor was purchased. Connor didn't stay male very long (despite what the pet shop said) and soon we had lots of little rats. We had a couple of very fraught months with dozens of rats in the house, all of whom it would appear it was my job to look after - one of the joy's of parenthood I am told!

Eventually Jean-Jacques took Nestor and three of the younger males away to live with him, and we were left with just Connor and three of the other females. We now have:

We have a large cage which sits in the office. The three eldest are quite happy to come out and run about the place, Connor being the easiest to deal with. TX is still shy though we have been able to coax her out. The problem then lies in coaxing her back in again!


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