Johnny's Birthday

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Comicon Paris

3rd July 2010

Nobody can say that we are not short of a bit of scandal here. Having been put out of the house by their father, for not paying their way, Jean-Jacques, Johnny and his partner Vanessa went back to her folks on the coast.

JJ was obviously now forced to find a job, because they certainly were not going to allow him a free ride. So he has ended up working in the kitchens at the Golf Club. He has a contract so all is well for the next six months.

The three of them then decided to organise a small apartment in Rue. Now why they would do this is beyond me because what Johnny didn't know was that his brother and girlfriend were already having an affair.

Needless to say everything eventually came out (well OK, JJ should have kept it in) and Johnny threw the pair of them out. He now has the flat to himself and they are back with her relatives at Fort Mahon.

The good news about all this was that I had seen advertisements for the Comic Expo in Paris and thought that Johnny would like to go for his birthday. It sounded fun, he has always remembered my birthday, and now that I didn't have to put up with Madame Happy Face mumbling for 12 hours it looked like a winner.

I decided to drive down and all went reasonably well until we got close to CDG Airport. That was the start of the bottlekneck as people started to turn off for the Expo. The car park was packed and although we had our tickets pre-bought it took us 90 minutes to get into the Hall.

Whilst the coast apparently remained dry all day, the Ile de France was drowned by storms - however at least it washed all the dust off the car.

I considered taking the brolly with me but thought that carrying it about for the rest of the afternoon would be a hindrance. It must have taken us 15 minutes of walking in the rain just to get to the tail end of the queue from the car park. We then wound round and round, into one of the other exhibition halls where we marched up and down like people in the world's largest post office queue before being taken back outside for another dousing and finally into the exhibition hall.


I thought this model was brilliant

I was a little bit disappointed with what was on view because I was expecting far more in the way of stands from the TV shows etc rather than just stand after stand of games and re-enactment societies.

However there were lots of people dressed up in various costumes and more Manga than you could shake a stick at. Some of the Japanese fashions seemed a bit weird - lots of tartan skirts and leather and not just for the girls.

There were a few things from the companies and there were also a number of interviews etc taking place over the weekend, but much of the time I was wondering just who some of these people were supposed to be.

Alongside the sci-fi and comic side of things was a Japan Expo with lots of things Japanese on sale as well as information from the various tourist boards.

For most of the day Johnny and I went our separate ways and I enjoyed myself wandering about looking at the exhibits or watching the various martial arts classes.

In some areas though it was a struggle to get through the pressing crowds. There must have been well over 50,000 people there and at times everybody seemed to be converging on the same thing.

The team from Stargate having a breather

The team from Stargate having a breather

I had noted that Dr Who was on the cards and found myself watching the first episode of the Matt Smith Dr Who in the video hall. This would probably have been a first in France because France 4 has yet to show all of the last few Specials. The show was in English with French sub-titles and it was fun to hear all the French laughing and getting excited. When towards the end he announces - hello I'm the doctor - they all burst into applause and cheered.

By 1800 hours we had decided that we had had enough. Took a last wander around took a few photos and then set off for home again.

It was worth the ticket just to spend time with French Dr Who fans.


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