Peter's Birthday

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Let him win - he's old !

25 September 2005

The original plan was that Jean-Jacques was going to give my brother Anton a hand with some gardening. Things changed there, but other plans remained in hand.

As Sandra and Peter were going to be in England for the weekend before his 54th birthday and the same week as my mother's birthday, I suggested that we meet up in the Cat and Custard Pot with a few friends and family for a pie and a pint.

Thus on the Sunday morning JJ and I set out reasonably early for Boulogne to catch the Seacat over to Dover. This was JJ's first ferry trip and despite the fact that I thought it was pretty calm apart from the last few minutes waiting outside Dover Harbour - he wasn't fussed on those last few minutes.

There again I have found it doesn't take much to upset JJ's insides.

We had intended to go to Tesco's but couldn't find it and ended up in Sainsbury's instead. Having stocked up on important things like curry, English beer, and rat food we left for the pub.

Coming into the village we ended up going past Sandra and Peter's old house. The current owner has a plastic sheep on the lawn - which is probably why he can't sell it. Winding our way up the hill to the highest bar in Kent I suddenly realised that I had Richard and Sue behind us - hadn't realised that we were that late !

The owner of the bar has rather odd opening hours; we thought it was 12:03 hours but he had changed it to 12:09 hours. This he explains is to ensure that he is always on time for his customers who tend to be there for midday.

Shortly afterwards the folks started to arrive, Peter having found the key to the Smart and Anton the route to the bar.

The afternoon went well and we had the chance to read Peter's birthday cards, most of which seemed to suggest that he was a paragon of virtue and forever sober - most of them were thus mistaken.

At the end of the afternoon Peter decided to teach Jean-Jacques how to play bar billiards. His teaching methods he assured us were by the book, though JJ seemed to be learning the rules as he went along - ah yes well you see despite the fact that you potted 500 points you didn't have your left foot slightly behind the right and your hand on your head - so it doesn't count !

Despite such manipulations JJ managed to win the game - or rather, Peter lost it when his hand slipped on his 5th pint and the black peg fell over.

Anton then joined JJ and Sue Peter for a pairs match which the Middletons won - or rather Anton let them win as it was Peter's birthday (or so the official communiqué runs).

So the afternoon came to an end, Sandra and Peter and I headed back to the Tunnel for the journey home whilst JJ set off with the family for a few days in London.

I had work to do on the battlefields on the Monday and would go back for him the following night.

29 September 2005

The night that JJ and I got back from England was Peter's actual birthday, so it was a case of a quick wash and brush up and an about turn and drive up to Avondance.

As always an excellent meal; and the music was provided by Capitol Gold so that us oldies could sing along and JJ could bang the table in time to the Belgian 12 inch techno remix.

We had a small birthday cake as well as presents and fresh cream cakes which JJ and I had brought back from England. French buns are all very fine, but from time to time you could get a craving for fresh cream which is something that the French are not really in to.

The atmosphere was a little dampened by the fact that we had learnt that JJ's gran had died that afternoon, so we talked a little about her and our own grand parents.

All of us being tired after a long day we called it a day after a final glass and a cup of coffee.

Happy Birthday Peter.


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