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The return of Alistair

20 June 2005

My friend Alistair from Northern Ireland had been my first visitor in 2003 when he came over for The Twelfth, but I hadn't seen him since.

Having been head hunted by the Clydesdale Bank from the Royal Bank of Scotland he found himself with some time off and with Johnny away at College we had the spare room so it was a case of: come on down.

He had finished work on the Thursday partying big time, so it was always a touch and go thing as to whether or not he would get here (In that respect nothing has changed with Alistair - Hello I'm in Istanbul, is that far from youse ?).

I dropped Johnny off on the Monday morning and headed up the coast to meet the boat as Alistair was coming over as a foot passenger - easier and cheaper than the car. I arrived in the car park - yes there is Alistair, yes he has seen me. Get out of the car open the boot - no Alistair. Close boot, park car and look round the terminal - still no Alistair. Eventually he appears from the toilets.

The week was intended to be a reasonably relaxing one so not too much running about. The weather was fabulous for the entire week, with temperatures in the thirties everyday.

We did a bit of pottering around the area visiting Le Crotoy and the beach at Quend. On the Tuesday evening we collected Johnny and had Sandra and Peter over for a meal as well as Johnny's girlfriend Vanessa. It was a little bit short as Johnny had to be left back to college but Alistair and I then sat up until the small hours of the morning talking about the past.

On the Thursday we had lunch in Hesdin before heading to Aquaclub with Jean-Jacques. We had considered the beach but neither Alistair or JJ are that fond of the too much sun and at least in the water park you can go indoors and get out of the rays if you want. We had a really excellent afternoon.

For his last day I drove Alistair up into Belgium to pick him up some cigarettes and to give me a chance to look for a model car to add to Johnny's collection for his birthday. One of the Tabacs at Mont Noir has a very good selection of models.

I also owed Peter 15 Euros worth of sugar free chocolate which I picked up - emptying two trays of chocolate medallions in the process.

Alistair bought himself a very nice white leather jacket, which look well on him but will probably be murder to keep clean.

We had lunch in the auberge opposite the Trappist Abbey on the Mont de Cats from where you get stunning views over the entire countryside.

After that it was a case of drive him down round the coast to Calais and wave goodbye. At 01:00 hours he phoned to say that he was home - he had at least cought the Dover ferry then !


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