Jon's Birthday

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An old sparkler

01 August 2010

Poor old Hilary hasn't been well and although we tried putting the festivities off for a day she was still not up to partying for Jonathon's 60th Birthday Party.

Despite her absence Hilary was there in spirit as one of Jon's presents was a hand dyed, spun and knitted Hilary special. A bespoke waistcoat. He had admired Peter's poppy version and so Barbara had Hilary set to work - months ago.

Nibbles were poured into bowls and then having finally managed to get the bottle of Champagne open, the evening began.

When the meal arrived it was a real treat - black pudden and Lan,casher sausages. The French do have a black sausage but it just doesn't compare.

The main course was garlic with some bits of chicken thrown in - and oodles of spuds. We were all fit to explode by the time the table was cleared so it was time for Peter and Jon to relax and talk : trains.

Barbara had bought a special candle for the cake which was supposed to play music - but it didn't (Unless the tune was indeed: Silent night). But to make up for the lack of sound she really went for the lumiere.

Rather than try and fit dozens of candles Barbara had opted for a 60 in numerals and sparklers. I very nearly took the eyebrows off myself as I carried the cake up into the living room. But it was spectacular.

The cake was superb and it was with heavy hearts that we had to leave some of it for the morrow. I think that the creaking of leather belts under terrible strain played a major roll in our abstemiousness at this point in the evening.

Coffee was served and well, there we were, midnight already, and outside the rain was not really taking the time to fall.

But we still had sparklers to use and according to Barbara they would indeed be used and to boot out in the garden where we could make happy sparkler shapes to our hearts content.

Our first tentatives were not a success given the amount of wet stuff coming down, but Barbara was not to be foiled. Half a dozen at a time should be able to hold their own.

They did for a wee while but the rain had the better of us.

And with the last fizzles dying on the wind we bade our hosts good night.


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