Team Building

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Mission de cohesion

June / July 2006

For two weeks Jean Jacques was away with his school on a Mission de Cohesion, something I suppose equates to team building.

A lot of it was outdoors and involved long walks, boating, canoeing and hanging from trees. They also had the chance to visit La Coupole with its museum of rockets and German V2 launch site.

We did laugh a bit because whilst this might well have been new to those from Amiens and Douai it smacked a bit of being at home to Jean-Jacques who is more than familiar with the Baie of the Somme and our beaches at Quend.

He does appear though to have had a good time and has finally managed to overcome his fear of heights and carried out a number of tyroleans at the Arboreal Adventure Park at Quend. Two years ago he refused flat to even think about it, so he was pleased with his success.

He learned of two connections with Jeanne d'Arc. She had not only passed through Lucheux in 1432 and the destination of their first days march, but had also been held a prisoner at Le Crotoy, gateway to the Baie of the Somme.

The day I met up with him at Quend he was getting ready to go out on a boat trip to see the seal colonies.

He had supposed to be going sand yachting but this was changed to boats and a large inflatable raft called a Flyfish. No doubt getting wet was more fun.

On the Sunday they visited the Air Show at the air base near Cambrai. It looked interesting and as like watching all of that sort of thing I went along as well. I didn't get to get in as a VIP though.

For Bastille Day on the 14th July the senior Squad have had their parade in Doullens cancelled and they are off to Paris to watch the military parade from one of the Presidential tribunes. He has my camera with him so he had better come back with some good photos.


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