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14 July 2005

When originally asked what he wanted to do for his birthday Johnny asked for the family to come over. It couldn't be done because my nephew: Simon was graduating on the 15th. This was convenient however as the 14th is the National Holiday here and Johnny was not going to have to work on the Friday.

Thus we set off on a sunny evening on the Wednesday. Only to arrive at Dover in thick fog with boats unable to negotiate the port easily. An hour late we got off the catamaran got two kilometres up the road and back out into clear visibility.

Anton was working on the Thursday but Debbie Johnny and I headed over to Bluewater to do a bit of shopping. Anton and Debbie bought me some things for my new camera for my birthday and Johnny had already received a model Evo VIII for his.

Johnny and I then wandered down into Rochester to have a look round and have a pint and thus give Debbie some time to bake a cake for Johnny, complete with his biohazard sign on it. He doesn't like granny's rich fruit cakes so something plain with jam and cream suits him fine.

Friday morning we set off early for Simon's graduation. Getting back on the Saturday afternoon we headed over to Madstone for a barbecue at Fred and Carol's in the middle of the park.

17 July 2005

On the Sunday we had another hot sunny day and Anton decided that after we had done the shopping (You can buy 10kg bags of rice in Tesco - curry heaven) he would put their BBQ on to burn.

Johnny is Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution crazy and a friend of Debbie's drives an Evo VI which he brought over to show Johnny and give him a spin.

Lots of food later and far too much sun and humidity, Johnny and I set off for Dover and the return trip home.


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