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Well really its Carol's garden !

16 July 2005

Friday morning we had set off early for Simon's graduation. Getting back on the Saturday afternoon we headed over to Madstone for a barbecue at Fred and Carol's in the middle of Moat Park.

Fred is a professional gardener which is why he lets his wife look after the one at the back of the house. I have to say it is a stunning garden, with plenty of wee alleys and places to sit and ponder.

The house is the old market abattoir and there are still signs of its former use in the outhouses.

Fred has a new gas grill to replace the low brick one he used to have. This means that we only get burnt meat now and not the roasted nuts as well.

Simon managed to lie out in the sun for a moment but pleas that he had only had a few hours sleep fell on deaf ears.

Our hosts have two greyhounds which are really lovely animals, both ex-racers. The older one of the two, is thought to have been maltreated whilst the grey is a trophy winner now in retirement. Quite timid she still knew how to snaffle a sausage roll from the table, which isn't good for a greyhound as it upsets their insides.

Johnny was definitely taken with the two dogs and regretted that he had not gone out with the others to take them for a walk. In fact when they do run, the dogs still run in circles. Most of the time however they potter about the house and sleep these days.


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