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19 August 2006

After visits from my parents and Anton and Debbie it was our turn to head across the water. We took the seacat with Speedferry because it was half the price for twice the time that the Tunnel was offering.

The weather was not looking great for the weekend in London and we had to make up our minds whether to go for London or Greenwich on the first day. Sunday was supposed to be better so we chose the Tower for our first day in town.

London is dreadfully expensive but fortunately for us, dad had been searching about on the Internet and had found a number of special offers which would get us in for a good reduction with our rail tickets.

On arriving at the Tower we found a group of re-enactors preparing for a small jousting tournament. We stopped and watched just long enough to see the Burgundians beating the English before setting off for the entrance - the crowd still hanging about watching the show.

A wise move that one because we were able to walk straight into the Jewel House without a moment's pause.

The rain then came on and seemed to get heavier every time we thought about going up onto the battlements. However, the inclement weather kept the crowds at bay so visiting the various buildings wasn't too hot or bothersome.

With the rain still coming down we set off across Tower Bridge for the traditional photo standing on the two platforms. You can go up the bridge towers but I can remember that it was all in English and besides it would have added more to a growing account for the day.

Outside the Old Lady

Outside the Old Lady

There is a point just opposite the Tower for a good photo and after all that we had said about never seeing Tower Bridge raised, there it was, going up, to let a boat through.

We continued on to HMS Belfast to do the tour there. I have now been a number of times but its confined corridors and spaces always make me wonder how on earth people put up with living like that during a war.

With a bit of time on our hands and the sun at last trying to make a breakthrough I walked us across London Bridge to the Monument. It was shut - despite what JJ's guide book said - so we carried on walking, ending up outside the Bank of England where I had to explain to JJ that it is called the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street.

Jean-Jacques likes Trafalgar Square a lot so we wandered back that way towards the end of the afternoon to find that they had been having an outdoor festival with the last day taking place on the Sunday afternoon. The closing act was going to be performed on 40m poles which sounded pretty hairy so we would put that on the list for tomorrow.

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