Can we eat now ?

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The clean up

Take a photo someone

Take a photo someone

Having parties in your own home is one thing, but having one in somebody else's means having to clear up. We were finding paper balls and bits of confetti everywhere. Each time we moved a chair or the couch more would miraculously appear. Simon ran round with the hoover whilst the rest of us prepared the bags and cleared up the kitchen.

We then decided to eat outside rather than risk leaving crumbs all over the place again. We had only just sat down when it started spitting with rain. Thankfully that only lasted a few seconds and we managed to finish lunch in the sunshine.

We had fun with one of the neighbour's kittens that just insisted on coming in to see what was going on. It all seemed to be a game for him. Even when dad threw him on top of the garage he still just bimbled back again for a closer look.

In the afternoon we took a flying visit over to Rue to see Guy in the Hospice and to visit the two chapels - but that looks like the makings of other pages and buckets of history, so you will have to wait.

Time pressed and it was down to the last coffee and the road home. The family had a stress free ride back to Chatham and I retired home to a beer and the pilot episode of Firefly which Simon had given me.

Cowboys in outer space - aye, I can cope with that.

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So finished a very good weekend

So finished a very good weekend


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