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So that was summer

30th August 2011

There you go then, that’s Black Saturday over and done with for another year. The last Saturday in August marks the end of the marching season in Ulster and thus by association the end of the holidays and summer.

Summer hah! What summer? I have only had to put the swimming trunks on once this year and that was to wade out into the garden and float the sun lounger back onto dry land.

I was looking at the weather stats last night. After a very dry spring with temperatures four degrees above the norm France was suffering with a lack of water. Then along came July and they are saying that the temperatures are now slightly below the norm and the rainfall has brought the soil back to where it is supposed to be. I presume that this is Météo speak for : we have had seven months of rain in July. It certainly felt like it.

No trips to the beach this summer. Too blowy or just not settled enough. Oh well, our Septembers have been good over the past few years.

Have some photos. This is my trip home after Deb’s birthday party. A clear sunny evening with white cliffs either side of the sheugh. The position of the sun prevented taking shots looking back towards Dover Castle but the French coast looked very pretty and the Dover Patrol Monument was clearly visible on Cap Blanc Nez. I have just read that there is in fact a twin at St Margaret’s Bay on the English coast and a third in New York Harbour (which is currently suffering a French summer).

The crews of the Dover Patrol were vital throughout the First World War in assuring the security of our transport ships as they plied back and forth to France.

Posted : 30 August 2011

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