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Sea Festival 2019

13th July 2019

My parents were coming over for a week of not doing very much — just pottering, in the run up to my birthday. Mum is no longer very good at stairs and whilst she can still walk quite well it has to be done in short bursts.

Luckily, we were going to be spending quite a lot of time in Boulogne along the sea front. We had a good run over to France on the Tunnel and were soon pulling into Boulogne which had started its Sea Festival. Rather than park and walk, as we had done the last time, I followed the signs around the back of the port to an abandoned space which was serving as the Navette stop.

We didn’t have long to wait until the shuttle bus arrived and a few minutes later we were back in the centre of town. The ride through the port does make you realise just how enormous the fishing industry is here, rows upon rows of lorry bays, fish processing plants and warehouses.

The festival doesn’t change a great deal to be honest. Some of the sailing ships were different but we were limited for time and the ability to go climbing aboard and then up and down. Even so, it proved to be a good afternoon of looking at models, paintings and sea crafts. Lots of local food to eat as well. The weather was a little kinder than the last time as well, when I seem to remember it getting chilly.

So here are a few photos of our few hours of pottering around the site looking at the pirates, squads of Napoleonic soldiers and listening to local folk singers and musicians.

The local Coast Guard boat is named after a famous Boulognais corsair who wreaked havoc on English vessels during the Napoleonic years.

It is almost fireworks time

Sunset is often quite spectacular along our coast

The fireworks display

14th July 2019

The second of three trips up the coast was to watch the firework display. It is a good crowd along the promenade in Boulogne and this time we had taken food — last time the fritteries ran out of frittes before we got there.

The evening was balmy and the only negative was that I had parked up the hill — which was easy for walking down to the beach but a struggle going back up. There are however plenty of walls to lean against and as I said to mum : “look around at the younger people struggling for breath”.

Half way up the hill there was a chap who decided to drive across the pavement rather than wait his turn at the car park exit. “I wouldn’t do that mister” were my thoughts, as the kerb is quite a high one. Bang ! went the car and off came the rear bumper. The driver was obviously quite oblivious to the fact and I had to run out into the road to bang on his window and inform him that he was trailing his bumper behind him.

It had been a bit of a climb but it all paid off because the car was pointing in the right direction and we were soon out onto the road and on our way home.

Here are the last few moments of the fireworks.

Posted : 13 July 2019

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