Friends and Family

A few people have asked me to explain just who everybody is in my letters so as a quick guide, here is a run down on who is who.

Sue, Richard and Rebecca

Sue is the sister of Peter Floyd.

The family had been looking for a house to renovate for some time and have at last purchased a property not far from Peter and Sandra, in the village of Wambercourt.

Richard has the strength of many men and an uncanny ability to grow building machinery in his garden. Some people have flowers, Richard has dump trucks and diggers.

Sue is a midwife and thus able to tell Johnny and JJ lots of wee home truths about young girls. JJ listens, Johnny doesn't.

Rebecca had considered studying with the intention of becoming a child psychologist, then she saw my three specimens from next door.

For reasons best known to herself she put herself through a year with Johnny as her boyfriend.


Manu, Rebecca, Ayla and Yasmine

I first came across Emmanuel when he wrote to me about my First World War site. He had been very impressed by the fact that an anglophone site also covered French battles and their monuments.

He is a drummer in a band and brews his own beer in the cellar of his rather smart town house in the centre of Cambrai.

We have made a couple of trips out into the wilds to sample various beers whilst working on WW1 pictures of course. All hobbies require fieldwork.

His wife Rebecca has always struck me as somebody eminently sensible with not only a good sense of humour but also someone who demands of your best.

The two cutties are a delight and could talk for France. They are amongst the very few French people who pronounce my name in an anglicised version.


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