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Along the cliffs at Creil

15th June 2011

Having given up on Eu for a place to eat Florian drove us up and along the coast from Le Treport. Neither of us had much of an idea as to where we were going as we attempted to stay as close to the coast as possible.

We ended up at Creil on the mini-beach at the bottom of the cliffs. If it had been sunny it would have been perfect but as we were in Florian’s car and I had left my jacket at home I was getting very cold sitting on the beach.

The cliffs along this stretch are supposed to be the highest chalk cliffs in Europe.

Having got blown away on the beach whilst we eat our lunch we continued along the road and found a place near the edge that we could park up. Florian wanted to go walkies. The coast has numerous pathways (though grassy track is sometimes closer to the truth) running along its length and we bimbled off to see where it led us.

The track kept us pretty much away from the actual edge which was a bit disappointing until we managed to find a place where we could walk out to the edge and that was scary. Florian suggested that rather than return along the track that we could continue along the edge, but as it was all fenced off for the cattle (The local variety is the Aberdeen Lemming so they have to be fenced in whilst in proximity to the cliff) I rather wondered if having walked for kilometres we would actually find a place to cut back across.

We could climb over the barbed wire fences, was the suggestion from he who wont get his hair tangled up in it. You could also take a running jump was the reply.

So on to Dieppe. I’ll post that up tomorrow.

Posted : 9 July 2011

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