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An afternoon at Lille Zoo

19th July 2015

The day before my birthday was looking reasonable and I needed to take a run up to Armentières to check on a cemetery for some Canadians next month. Whilst I was up that way I thought that I would go the extra few kilometres and re-visit the small Zoo in Lille.

It is nothing grand but what do you want for free ? After a bit of rain in the morning the day slowly dried out and although it was still a wee bit grey when I started by the time I had made my way around the animals the sun was out.

There were just enough families present to make the visit fun but not so many that the childer got underfoot.

What I really wanted to see was how the new camera would perform. The aviaries are all iron mesh and the vivariums are glassed off. By and large the camera got the shot I was after though it was at times difficult to get it to focus — the white handed gibbons were sitting in a tree and the foliage was always in front.

No matter the zoo, part of the fun is trying to spot whatever it is that is on show. Sometimes you have no idea if it is big or small, will it be in a tree or under a rock ? I reckon that zoos have some exhibits that are actually empty apart from a card saying that this shy animal is really fabulous and you should spend at least ten minutes trying to find it.

I had visited the zoo a few years back and remember being impressed and a second visit hasn’t diminished my opinion. If you are in Lille and have a sunny few hours to spend go see the red panda — he’ll still be asleep in that tree !

Posted : 19 July 2015