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Barbecue time

27th June 2015

A few photos from a sunny afternoon at Anton and Deb’s.

I managed to miss the rioting around Calais following the sale of MyFerry Link to DFDS and had easy journeys in both directions.

I took delivery of my new computer and managed to test and set it up for Linux despite Anton’s really rubbish ADSL connection. Hard to believe that my service is better in rural France than his is in the middle of a large town.

New computers are fabulous, the hours you can spend with them trying to remember what the passwords are for all those sites and programs that you only use occasionally. Changing the spelling to English from American on everything and going metric.

Have yet to get myself a new French USB keyboard (the old one was a round umpteen pin jobby) so from time to time I am a blustery old Hector trying to remember which key in English gives me the French accented characters.

Posted : 27 June 2015

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