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New toy

June 2015

It has been a while since I bought myself a new camera and I decided that when the Hamilton Argylls paid me my expenses for their plaque at Fresnoy that I would use the sum towards a new one.

I had been looking at the possibility of changing for a Canon but as the buying date came closer I was put off by the write-ups that suggested that the model I was thinking of getting was out classed by other manufacturers.

So I went back to see what Nikon could offer. The P600 had been replaced with the P610 (and as a hint mine was a P100) which did everything that I needed. A reasonable telephoto, rotatable screen and results that were good enough for my purposes. I need a camera for commemorations, gravestones and sometimes family and friends !

Then Nikon brought out the P900 which has a zoom lens of silly proportions but ultimately seemed to be declared the better camera compared with the P610. The price was €50 more. Amazon didn’t have one but I could get one delivered the following day to a local Electrical chain.

It’s a bit of a brute of a thing and I will definitely need to use a tripod to make use of its full potential. There are programs for things you never knew you needed. Auto-smile capture — which probably doesn’t work at funerals ! However, Pet Mode, does work. Point the camera at a dog or cat and it just snaps away — all by its self. I’ll have to go to the zoo to see if it works on giraffes and kangaroos as well. Would lions come under pets, them being cats and all ?

So far I am reasonably happy with the new purchase. For once I will need to read the manual. It is less complicated than setting the timer on a VCR but only just.

Posted : 13 July 2015

Authie, Coast