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At last, inside St Lawrence’s Collegial Church

15th June 2011

Now that I am getting the hang of this I might as well back track some photos that should have gone up but I never managed to find the time.

Back in June, Kyloshka (aka Florian) drove over from the wilds of Mory so that we could have a catch up on things and go for a drive the following day – if the weather looked favourable.

The only proviso was that we went in his car because I was waiting on new rear tyres. He has a very comfortable brand new Nissan CashandCarry which is always a lot cleaner than mine. Not that it takes much effort to achieve that state of affairs: Don’t live on a road that has fifty cows pass by twice a day.

Well, it was nowhere near as sunny as it was supposed to have been as we drove down towards Abbeville. I had suggested that as he has never been to Dieppe we could dander our way across (or turn back if the weather turned foul)

We reached Eu just before 1100 and I finally managed to get to visit the cathedral properly. The first time I visited was with Anthony and it was just about to close and when I was there in August with Vytautas it was closed for a wedding. This time I made sure we were there early !

Lawrence O’Toole was the Bishop of Dublin and died in the town in 1180 whilst in service to Henry II of England who was in Rouen.

As I had lost some of my previous photos I made certain that I got them replaced because I wanted to write about William the Bastard (later Conqueror) on my Dead People site.

I like pottering about Eu. It is quite small as a town; dominated by the church and château. The royal park makes a good walk and as the streets are cobbled and narrow as they wend their way around the hill you get the feeling that history is tapping you on the shoulder and insisting that you pay attention.

Sadly it was grey and miserable though reasonably warm. As lunch approached we had considered going up to the chapel overlooking the town and eating there, but by the time we had found our way up the hill it was far too blowy to sit about in.

That said I would reckon that on a sunny day the views are stunning as they weren’t bad even on a grey day.

So we set off along the coast in search of somewhere to munch.

Posted : 8 July 2011

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