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Branching out

16th March 2014

Whilst hacking down part of my hedge the other day, my not so wee helper offered to climb up into the tree and bring down a long lost cable of Christmas lights.

Many years ago I had had the fabulous idea of actually using the tree on the edge of the garden. The idea had fallen somewhat flat when my first well directed missile launch resulted in the cable not only being pulled high up into the tree and beyond the reach of my small ladder (hoorah !) but also then becoming totally knotted around a branch (humbug !).

It is a well known fact that if you lay any cable out flat on the ground for more than two minutes, and especially if you turn your back on it, that the said cable will auto-knot itself. The same goes for those oh so carefully rewound hose-pipes.

It took quite a bit of fiddling but eventually Jason got the offending cable down not that it looked as though it was still in working condition. Whilst he was up there Jason noted that the trunk is starting to rot so that prompted a second afternoon of hanging about in the tree as he removed as many of the lower branches as possible.

All in all a good job done and he earned his keep that weekend. Now for the spruce which needs to be reduced to about half its size.

30th March 2014

Mini update. The top of the spruce has been whittled down. It would appear that firs are easy to climb. Not a chain-saw in sight. Mr Muscles uses a hand saw.

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Posted : 23 March 2014