Authie et Mi

An afternoon in rural sunshine

13th May 2012

Isn’t it just miserable at the moment. Blowing a gale, thunderstorms and cold enough to get the long sleeved shirts back out again.

So, just to make myself feel better, here are some photos from a weekend open-day at the Rural Centre near Morbecque. This is a place that teaches people about numerous aspects of the local flora and fauna.

The reason I was aware of the event was because those happy people who make Bracine Beer were on one of the stands. A long way to go for a beer but I was lucky because I got my glass and the pump died on them. A full keg of beer but no means of delivering it.

It was a gloriously hot afternoon and apart from some beer, I also came away with some locally produced honey and fresh apple juice. And it was all for immediate consumption – or at least I think that is what it said on the label (especially the beer).

Posted : 10 June 2012