Authie et Mi

A day at the beach

11th February 2012

On Saturday I had to take a run over to the coast to see Jean-Jacques, Vanessa and Guimauve the Jack Russell puppy. I was leaving JJ’s cousin Geoffrey over there for a few days as they haven’t seen each other in years.

On the journey over both Geoffrey and I noticed that we went from little snow his way at Frévent to white fields along the Authie and Maye valleys to snow dunes on the coast.

It was a gloriously sunny day (and -6C to go with it) and the chalets in the towns and the holiday park looked very pretty. As we came past the golf course between what were supposed to be sand dunes it was as a sheet of white everywhere. Do golfers play with red balls when it is snowing (you would think that the freezing temperatures would get to them !).

Having caught up on the latest gossip I left them to it and drove down to my local beach at Quend a few kilometres away to have a look and a wander. As you can see it was a picturesque ghost town. The two waiters at Chez Jules were doing a great job of clearing the snow but I am not certain who they were expecting to come and dine.

On Sunday the weather started to turn and by Monday we were back to grey and rain but it had turned so warm (+7C) that the snow was all gone within twenty-four hours.

Posted : 16 February 2012