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During the freeze

5th February 2012

We had been warned for weeks that were likely to get snow and then it finally happened. The wind blew in from Siberia and thankfully out near the coast we were for the most part at its extremity with a wee bit of influence from the warmer weather over the south of England.

Even so it has dropped to -11C or -12C every night for over a week now. Worse has been the fact that we have not been above zero during the day either so the ground (and house) has simply become colder and colder.

At least we have not been having the minus twenties that have been inflicted on the east and south of France.

Around my village we had no more than a centimetre of snow but it has not been dispersed in our local fields at all. Up the road towards St Pol the fields are almost back to green but chez moi it remains a blanket in white.

Even in the sunshine during the afternoons it has remained bitterly cold but extremely pretty. So here are a few photos from one of my walks along the valley. The roads have all been cleared for days now but as you can see the snow off them has persisted and the ponds have all frozen over.

It is about to come to an end we hope as more snow arrives in from Ireland – and that means it is going to get significantly warmer.

Posted : 12 February 2012

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