Authie et Mi

Our rabbit pie is fresh

1st September 2011

On Thursday I was up at Cuinchy for the burial of an unknown soldier at the Guards’ Cemetery there. Afterwards on the way home I had to pass through Cambrin and I decided to stop and retake a couple of photos in the military cemetery there as well.

There is a narrow pathway down the side of a café to reach the cemetery and the back gate of the café was open allowing me to look into the small courtyard.

A quick double take as I walked past because I was certain I had just spotted a hawk sitting on the washing line. Backed up a couple of paces and no my eyes had not been deceiving me.

I am not certain but after doing a bit of research I think it may be a Harris Hawk which are popular in falconry.

So when you ask for rabbit in the café does Monsieur le patron say : I’ll be back in a minute, before taking Harrier out for a quick flight round the fields. Mind you this is in the old mining fields. Wonder if he has a Sooty Owl as well ?

Posted : 3 September 2011

Pas de Calais,