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Back in Dieppe

15th June 2011

Our walk along the cliffs had given the weather a chance to warm up a bit and out of the wind it had become a nice day. Still a bit grey but the sun was making an attempt to shine down.

On to Dieppe which Florian did not know at all and we parked up at the château. The first thing you see is part of the German Atlantik Wall overlooking the beach.

It is hard to go anywhere along the sea front without being reminded of the Canadian’s abortive Operation Jubilee on 19th August 1942. Planned by Lord Mountbatten the raid was intended to see if it was possible to get men ashore and hold the town destroy the port facilities and then retreat.

The entire mission was a disaster as the Germans seem to have been prepared for the attack. As soon as the 5,000 Canadians (And 50 American Rangers) set foot on the beach they were shelled with precision.

The Canadians lost 3,367 men; killed, wounded or taken prisoner, and a further 275 British commandos (about a quarter of their strength) were also casualties. The esplanade is dotted with monuments and plaques (Including one to the American Rangers which suggests that they were there in large numbers) and one day when I have more time I am going to visit the museum.

The esplanade is a really pleasant walk. I like the fact that the buildings are set so far back and the huge grassed area makes the sea front very spacious. Pity it’s pebbles; but that was good because Florian doesn’t like walking on sand as it feels funny !

We would have visited the château but my wallet was back home (well planned that one) and Florian lived up to Kyloshka by having a wallet full of roubles. Oh well, all to do for another time.

Posted : 10 July 2011

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